Download Township APK- Create your own Dream City.

If you are a big fan of gaming, Township is a nice option to have free in Casual Games. It is a combination of farming and town building, letting your creativity revealed. So Download Township APK and build up the city you dream into a reality and keep all infrastructures nearby to the right need of control.

township apk download

You take up your Android and start playing a game most of the time in the minute to hour you get a break from the work. So rather than battling and play high with action, a casual game can make your mind relaxed which give priority to simplicity and slight work out to the mind rather than make it a part of an attack. When come to the Township APK, it is one of the best to have in casual games. In fact, it is extremely simple to get with and in all going making your dream city built in. Although its core purpose is developing the strategy and management, the way it comes to you makes no tire out of it. So let’s start farming, building your town and taking all the management around.

Compatible Devices and Platforms for Township APK Download.

Township APK comes with multiple platform support as Android, iOS, Windows, MacOS, and Adobe Flash Player. So any Android from 2.3 to up can download Township APK. But you need considering the application version with the firmware running as some latest might not come with support to the older firmware versions. Except that, there’s nothing to worry as Township coming with almost all device support that running the mention firmware to up. And for iOS, you need version 7 or up with support for all iPhone, iPad and also iPod models in the respected firmware.

The Road up to Download Township APK v4.9.0 Latest- Change Log.

By Now the update of Download Township APK v4.9.0 is found the latest with recent changes on June 2017. It comes with support for Android 4.0.3 or up with addition of interesting changes. And in the workability, it comes more stable with fix to some reported bugs in the previous days. So go through the changes log below with look to the latest as well as some previous.

Township v1.9.0 the Latest.

  • Updated on June, 2017.
  • Introducing summer update.
  • Exclusive regatta tasks allowed.
  • Allowed collecting the color caps and make lures in the temporary shop.
  • Update made to compete for the best fisherman in the tournament.
  • Feature to get win of prizes with fishing: coupons and upgrades free.
  • Featuring a fennec enclosure.
  • Added themed 12 decorations at the Store.
  • Comes with new items in the town and for Zoo in the stores.
  • Includes performance improvements and fixes to slight bugs.

Township APK v4.8.0

  • Updated on May, 2017.
  • Introducing restaurant even day.
  • New 9 holiday decorations added.
  • Allowed running temporary restaurants and get rewards.
  • Temporary holiday goods are accessible.
  • The delicatessen competition opened.
  • Co-op tags introduced.
  • Allowed turn on/off your online status as per the requirements.
  • Chance to discover free treasures at sea.
  • Co-op’s league recognition by its badge.

Township APK v4.7.1

  • Updated on April, 2017.
  • The Bunny Village is offered to build from April.
  • Easter adventure opened with spring celebrations.
  • Can find Easter eggs cleaning the park with surprising rewards.
  • Offered two particular regatta tasks.
  • New store for all Easter purchases and decorations.
  • Added co-op event goals.
  • Two event profile pictures are given.
  • More festive goods at the factories need building.
  • Featuring new 11 profile pictures.
  • Added 2 new recipes for lobster.
  • Placed new Gem orders from the jeweler.
  • Improvements in the game play.

How to Use Best Tricks- Game Play

As you already know, this is a farming and city-building game. So with given facilities you need making crops and earn coins to make your city well developed. It comes with a number of levels with various opportunities with each individual. In the very beginning of the play, it will give you a brief tutorial just for an entry to the game. And then you need starting up the town and harvest your own crop to make money. So you can use the given facilities and sell goods to get money. And while you become experienced it also adds points to you making more opportunities at your hand. To know interesting things with the Township APK Download game play, refer the features below.

  • Allowed building up your own dream city with the range of community buildings and time-matching decorations.
  • Cultivate organic crops and make best through factory processing.
  • Best gesture controls.
  • Town-life with interesting characters.
  • Landscape variations to match with the architectural planning.
  • Allowed use of landmarks as great Big Ben, various Country flags, the Statue of Liberty, and more.
  • Goods are allowed to exchange with friends through Facebook and the Game Center.

Township APK Game Play Video.

Troubleshoot Township APK.

Township is comparatively low at any troubles. But in case if it comes troubling, follow the guidelines below.

  • Restart the device and enter the game freshly.
  • When downloading, make sure to get the recent updated version that promise working on your device.
  • As software on your device could also make trouble at applications you download, update the device to the possible latest and try installing apps.
  • If you get stuck in the middle of the game, delete the game and make a reinstall (if you are connected to network, you will not lose the progress as it will keep the scores updated).

If you are persist getting errors, contact the customer support through the developer page.

What’s Good and Bad in Township?

Township is simple casual game work for all ages. And with our time of the play here are the Pros and Cons with the game.


  • Simple and attractive to play for all age players.
  • Free to download and lets you purchase in-game items.
  • Improves strategy and management.
  • Lets you play with creativity.
  • Available in APK to get directly on the device.
  • Comes with various updates.
  • Supports multiple platforms.
  • Allows connecting with friends and share goods, reward and more.


  • Possible slight errors while the play.
  • Required connecting to the internet.
  • Not available for the premium upgrade.

Developer Credits.

Whole thanks for the Township game development and distribution through updates go to Playrix. The game was release in 2013 and up to 2017, it was found in a great feedback of all age-players. And into the time approaching, you will find rights to Download Township APK with more additions and best votes among all casual games.